Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Snack and Stack

Snack and Stack by Sandra Galda
6"x6" oil on Ray mar canvas board
We found an almost complete Fiestaware styled dish set at a garage sale a month ago, and they are still stacked on my counter...I just have run out of places to put my models for painting. Now the family is using them for eating their food, they are right at hand! The blue/green cup is from that set. If interested in purchasing contact my email address sgalda@aol.com Thanks for looking, tell me what you think-leave a comment! Paintings by Sandra Galda are copyright. Below is a picture of my little artist's helper....my faithful friend. When I finished todays painting, I finally noticed her under the easel-I guess she wants some attention!


Alicia said...

Hey Sandra, firstly I would say, the painting is really nice, secondly, you friend is very cute. Don't worry about selling it. It is a nice piece, and will gain attention soon. I will definitely refer my friends to your blog. All the Best.

sam said...

Lovely painting Sandra, excellent colours and a great style you have.

Pam Holnback said...

I love the bold red amongst the other cool colors.