Sandra's Murals and Theater Set Design.

Sandra Galda's Mural and Theater Set Designs

Over the years I have designed and painted many sets and murals for various productions.

Sandra and Stained Glass window in Medieval Church set IPBC Dinner Theater

IPBC Dinner Theater Orphan set and sliding system of rotating sets

 Sandra before Orphan Kitchen set IPBC Dinner Theater

IPBC Christmas Dinner Theater WWII Hideaway set

 Georgian home front set used Christmas WCC Drama and  IPBC Dinner Theater

 Jailhouse Rock Musical  with fireplace open to jail set IPBC

 Jailhouse Rock Musical IPBC 2002 fireplace lodge set in process in studio

 Winter Landscape set 

 Lodge set Jailhouse Rock Musical IPBC with center open to reveal jail set
Architectural building fronts  
Camp Lodge set
 Camp Lodge set-fireplace and dish shelf

 How it often looked when we were setting up all the images onto the stage.

 Easter 2012 set in use

2009 Sound of Music

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