Tuesday, December 16, 2008

in process: Apple Pie Supply by Sandra Galda (NA)

Here is an 8"x10" oil I am working in the midst of some uncooperative weather...ice storms that have wiped out electricity in our area. We now have power, but soooooooo many still do not. I hope to finish this in the next day or so. Baking must be really on my mind....I am both baking and painting about baking....Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas everyone! If you are interested please contact me by email on this one. It is not done yet though---clip is still visible at top right. Below is the easel set up I am using.

The above photo shows my current set up---I have clips holding the small works to a portable easel that clamps onto my big oak easel. The big oak easel holds a larger painting that takes way longer to complete while I do the small ones. When I want to resume working on the larger--wha-la--I just pop off the portable easel.

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