Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mural work for Kulea Childcare Village

Above is a mural I created according to designs and digital images given to me by a local group who involved in an African mission for orphaned children. 

Here is what it looked like in morning light the day they picked it up.  The sunshine from my window just happened to be hitting the painted sun, and I had to take a picture of that! You can see the digital images hanging on either side of the mural. 

 Below are some pictures of it as it was used at the first of many fundraisers :

           This mural was created for use by a charity organization called Kulea Childcare Villages ( The images and color scheme were chosen by the folks requesting the work, so I just really synthesized their ideas.  I was influenced by a book on Edwin Howland Blashfield and some chats with my wonderful art teacher in that I tried to make the mural look unified and like wall paper.  This should prevent the mural image from competing for attention with the speakers who stand in front of it at the podium from which they speak at the mission's fund raisers and trade shows.  They turned the ends to make a seam into which they inserted poles connected to stands for its display. It was first used on a March 7th Fundraiser at the Haverhill Country Club, called "Come Build a Village," and will also be used at multiple trade shows, starting with the 3 day long AARP convention in Boston in May, and the African Festival Boston and the Lowell African Festival and about 4 others this year.  I was happy to do my small part in a wonderful organization.

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