Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In Process: Beethoven cast bust drawing exercise and Rosebud oil sketch (sold)

In Process:  Beethoven cast bust drawing exercise
18"x26" (approx.) Canson Carcoal drawing paper

Rosebud oil sketch by Sandra Galda
4x4inch (sold)

Here is a peek at some of my efforts at cast bust drawing and a small Rosebud oil sketch (sold).   If interested in purchasing this, or any of my available art on this blog, contact my email address sgalda@aol.com or use the PayPal button if included in the post. Small works are signed in full on the back of the painting. Thanks for looking, tell me what you think-leave a comment! Paintings by Sandra Galda are copyrighted. Scroll down this page for more art!


Layne Cook said...

I've never done the "bust drawing" exercise, but I understand it's an essential part of classical art training. I envy you your current educational opportunities; when I went to art school in the early 70's it was a "do your own thing" era and I didn't learn much at all.
I enjoy your small paintings too. You have a nice style.

Gwen Bell said...

Really fine drawing! Great values and I love the way you split the canvas with dark and light. Appropriately dramatic for such a classic piece!

Congrats on the sale!

Sandra Galda said...

Hi Layne! thanks! Your art shows wonderful prep! Must be mostly caught then, as most of us do! Gwen, thanks! The dark and light areas of the background are where they are so as to help create a clear reading of the outline of the head, making the lightest part of the head against the darkest background and vise versa.... :)