Monday, May 24, 2010

"Red Rose" (sold)

"Red Rose" by Sandra Galda
6x6 inch oil on raymor
50.00 plus shipping

If interested in purchasing this or any of my available art on this blog, contact my email address or use PayPal button if included in this post. Thanks for looking, tell me what you think-leave a comment! Paintings by Sandra Galda are copyrighted. Scroll down this page for more art!


Pam Holnback said...

Beautiful reds!

Nancy Merkle said...

Absolutely wonderful painting! I agree with Pam, love the red.

Gwen Bell said...

Love that gorgeous red! Great job on the vase too. Wonderful reflections!

PS~ had to strategically avoid looking at your chocolate cake painting again. Causes instant and unavoidable craving.

Sandra Galda said...

thanks so much, and Gwen, you are so funny!

Karen Bruson said...

Gorgeous reds. So buttery with the paint!