Friday, October 30, 2009

Bust Sketches (NA)

Male Bust Sketch by Sandra Galda
pencil on paper
approx. 3"x5"

Female Bust Sketch by Sandra Galda
pencil on paper
approx 3"x5"

Just a sketches today.  (NA) Wednesday I had a wonderful visit with an amazing artist many of you already know. Stapleton Kearns is in my opinion, destined to be a legendary artist whose art will be held in museum collections- that is, those museums which treasure contemporary traditional realism. His landscape painting style is if I remember his term correctly, traditional realism. He is a wonderful teacher and he blogs some of the most concisely and amusingly written information every fine art painter needs to know. What a genius painter. I am so happy to have met him.

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Jeremy Elder said...

How cool that you guys got to meet! I am hoping to do the same someday.

Sandra Galda said...

Hi Jeremy! It was one of those great experiences! He is really THE artist!!! Looking up close at his work and his work in progress is a brush with genius! SSSo beautiful! Hope you and your family are well! I read in your blog a while ago you actually met and painted with Frank Ordaz on West coast...that must also have been a tremendous experience! If ever in New England you and your family would be very welcome with us!