Sunday, October 18, 2009

Salt Shaker by Sandra Galda (SOLD)

Salt Shaker by Sandra Galda (SOLD)
4"x4" oil on gessoboard

We have been enjoying a nice visit from my hubby's mom, watching movies, eating, and viewing the fall leaves! Yesterday we drove by the shaker museum and community in NH, which sparked the idea for today's subject! :) If interested in purchasing contact my email address or use PayPal button if included in this post. Thanks for looking, tell me what you think-leave a comment! Paintings by Sandra Galda are copyright.


Kristie M Grady said...

I definitely agree we have lots in common! We'll have a lot to talk about when we meet :]

Gwen Bell said...

Like the way the shape of the shaker repeats in the shadow/reflection. You have a knack for taking a simple subject and turning it into an incredibly interesting piece! I also like that calming white surrounded by all that yummy color.Great painting!

Sandra Galda said...

Hi Kristie, Hi Gwen! thanks! So nice!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

this is nice. I like the color harmony very much.
I think after this weekend's N'oreaster, we have no leaves left!