Monday, April 6, 2009

A Passion for Painting Award

Here are a couple of sketches from my small purse sketchbook. I hope to paint the cup and bread sketch idea soon. It is ironic on the day I am probably only going to be able to post sketches, I am going to write about a painting award....
My blog was awarded a "Passion for Painting Award" by a wonderful daily painter, Karen Bruson . She is very talented and has a terrific ability to detect even the most elusive color hiding in a subject. Thank you Karen! She is one of several regularly art blogging artists that I met at a recent Carol Marine workshop, with whom I maintain contact with and share mutual encouragement; they are: Annelein, Katie Wilson-Bernatas Tim Cavanaugh, Rob Hazzard and Marina Petro (click on their names to check out all their art blogs). Kudos to these supportive, encouraging and very talented art friends! Kim Ratigan originated the award. It requires the recipient to list 7 things we love and the pass the award along to another 7 passionate painters.

My list of Top 7 things I love (mostly art-related, lest I list 70....)
1. The greatest designer of all, God!
2. License from my supportive husband and kids to paint.
3. My pets, especially my dogs. They are my constant friends while I work.
4. The study of endlessly abundant fine art information in books, workshops, and on the internet. 5. The art of John Singer Sargent
6. Living near the art Museums of Boston, Ma., especially the Boston Museum of Fine Art. I do not tire of wandering around and admiring the tremendous collection of art in this city. Art Museums are my thing. I visit art museums in any city we travel to.....
7. Art Supplies.............lots of them.
My list of Passionate Painters. There are so many who inspire me. My list is composed of the art bloggers who initially had a tremendous influence in my daily painting. (Actually, they continue to influence me, daily)
1. Aaron Lifferth's
2. Carol Marine's Painting a Day
3. Jeff Hayes
4. Michael Naples
5. qiang-huang, a daily painter


Jeremy Elder said...

Congrats on the award!

LSaeta said...

A very well deserved award! Congrats! I love Karen's work also, in fact I bought some of her paintings!

Rob Hazzard said...

Sandra, thanks for the "shout out" for my blog.

Your sketches are fantastic. You have provided minimal information, yet at the same time they seem so detailed. How does that happen? Really nice work.

Jala Pfaff said...

Great sketches.

Dayna Talbot said...

Sandra....Love checking out your work!!! Congrats! Hope to be up and running soon....

Dayna Talbot