Friday, March 6, 2009

The Edge of Cup (NA)

The photo on this cup is too fuzzy...will have to get a better shot. Today is my Sound of Music painting day....when I am oulining some large expanses of flats for a high school musical production. I will post pictures thru the process, hopefully later today. I worked next to a very nice artist during the workshop and we just exchanged links to our blogs...a first for me! Her art blog can be found by clicking here or look to my blog list on the right side of this page listed under other blogs I follow. more later ...

Ok, so here is the set. I just got home and I am tired. I drew it on the flats with charcoal and then solidified the correct lines with dark acrylic paint with a brush. Now the kids will fill in the "coloring book" with really big crayons...I mean small size rollers with Opps paint. Then I hope to get a chance to finish it over with some sprayed on shadows to give it some modeling, shading ect. Only three more this size to go! The show is this Thursday...... By the way, another wonderful artist contacted me from the Carol Marine workshop and we also exchanged links to our blogs, her name is Karen Brunson.


Annelein said...

Hi Sandra,
I just added your blog to my Links list...nice to meet you at the workshop..I had a great time and think I will definitely continue painting with oils..but they'll still take second place to my watercolors!

Sandra Galda a Daily Painter said...

Oh thanks for adding me and yes, your watercolors are awsome, but you know, i think your oils are too!!!