Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Teacup and Hug (NA)

Teacup and Hug by Sandra Galda
5"x5" oil on gesso board

This was really fun and surprisingly easy to paint due to the similar tones on the cup, the scrabble pieces and the surface they rest upon. I think if I had made the shadows a bit more purple, the contrast could have been more pleasing. Time for a tea break!


Artsiejavagirl said...

I want this painting! I was in need of a virtual hug and ran across your image in the photos. I love coffee and tea, and would love to converse w/ you personal email is This painting made me smile, and almost's not often work moves me...
Thanks for the smile.

Sandra Galda said...

HI Stacey, upon looking at my older posts, I have just come upon your wonderful comment and find I never responded! I am so sorry! I appreciate your words very much! this painting is sold now but I could recreate one like it if you wanted! contact me at again sorry I never responded!