Friday, October 7, 2022

Long Overdue Update! All is well!

Now that the pandemic is not plaguing us as it once did, my atelier activities are progressing. We love living in Florida, and we dont get hit with hurricanes much at all up in Northern Florida! Very grateful, sad for those south of us on coastal areas that do. 

I teach a full atelier program to a small number here in our new state, Florida. 

I teach a drawing from life course at Flagler College in nearby St. Augustine, Florida. 

I have been active in a nearby gallery during our move here and the pandemic. Several honorable mentions and a best in show and a sale have made me quite pleased along the way! 

I will post some pictures below, and if you would like a more frequent update, please see my Instagram under my name, or my FB under my name, where I am much more active. 

Best in Show! Some student work below!

Honorable Mention Award!

Honorable Mention and Sale! 

Student work below:

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